Disaster Relief

This project is for everyone,  we have learned in significant disasters that we are always in need of more help.  We are working on creating a curriculum for providing care in times of disaster.

We hope to create a team of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in being prepared and available when the need arises. We welcome all different skill sets including, interpreters, pharmacy techs, medical and dental practitioners, and those with experience in logistics.

We teach a two week course that is largely online, with two full days in class, where we review procedures, laceration repair, wound care, splint application, CPR and other life saving skills. Once the course is completed you will receive a diploma that will allow you to be an official part of our team to travel and care for others during a disaster.

After course completion there will be a yearly continuing medical education component which will allow you to stay up to date on the medical needs and training that will be needed to participate in disaster settings.

We believe that collaboration is the key to maximising our ability to help during crisis. We have partnered with and will continue to partner with different groups to achieve our ultimate goal of relieving suffering and helping those in need.

Want to be ready to help on the next disaster?