Global Health Medical Internship

We provide a comprehensive year-long pre-residency or pre-medical school pathway for those making the transition from undergraduate training to Medical School as well as to residency training.
Our program is tailored to individual students and provides one-year packed with exciting, high-yield educational and practical opportunities and coursework. Our goal is to prepare you to function as an exceptional intern on day one of Medical School or Residency.

Your year will include international medical internships, procedural skills workshops, simulation training, Medical Spanish mastery, research opportunities, individualized application essay and interview coaching, financial training, and practical coursework.

Upon completion, students will earn a Masters Degree in Business Administration and diploma’s in international medicine / disaster medicine as well as acquire the skills, knowledge, and tools to enter residency at a level far above their peers.

– Global Health Medical Internship –

What We Do

We originally began as a one-year global health medical internship geared towards medical school graduates who have not matched into a residency or internship. This has grown to include students who desire to attend medical school as well who are in gap years or desiring to enhance their experience.

We offer a master’s in business administration through Western Governor’s University Medical MBA program. Students will additionally receive diploma’s in international medicine and disaster medicine. As a result you will be prepared to be an exceptional applicant with the skills and experience you will need to succeed.

Our goal is to set you apart from the other applicants and get you to match. Furthermore, you will start your residency with procedural skills, ultrasound training, simulation practice, research experience, and Medical Spanish competency to set you above and beyond your colleagues. We believe that our approach will make you a phenomenal applicant.

Why you might be interested in our program…

There were over 9,155 medical school graduates who do not match into residency this year. They have earned the right to be called a doctor and have a medical degree. These graduates are caught in limbo and are not allowed to progress or practice medicine until they enter and complete an internship or residency. The year while reapplying may be the most important year for their careers since applying the second time around has an acceptance rate of 50% (10x less than the first time around). This is a concept known as application decay, where every subsequent year after medical school, applicants are less desirable compared to their peers. You owe it to yourself, your career, and your future patients to make the most of this year.


OUR SCHOOL: To help train doctors in Global Health and International Medicine through clinical coursework and internships.

 OUR NON-PROFIT: To provide high-quality care and support to underserved communities by staffing and supporting our international hospitals and clinic partners.


  • International Medical Internships

    The WGU Medical Masters in Business Administration

    Diploma in International Medicine

    Proficiency in Medical Spanish

    Mastery of Life-Saving Procedures

    Ultrasound Training

    Simulation Learning and Practice

    Financial Planning and Education

    Certifications in BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, ATLS, and AWLS

    Research Project & Mentorship

  • Radiology & EKG Coursework

    Careers & Sub-Specialties in Medicine

    Global Health, Tropical Medicine, & Disaster Medicine Courses

    Significant Pre-Hospital experiences – including ride-alongs and instructing Paramedics

    We are working with local groups to provide housing, furniture, food, and other needs for them.

    Individualized Application and Interview Coaching

    Flexible Schedule to Allow you to Make ALL of Your Interviews

    Financial Aid Available

While at home in Alaska, I used the skills learned through the iHelp foundation to render aid to an individual suffering from cardiac arrest. The ability to act calmly during this incident gave me confidence that the skills I learned through the iHelp foundation could be applied in the real world. The privilege to help an individual in distress clarified to me the importance of being prepared and made me look forward to a career in the medical field.

The curriculum is divided into two semesters, each of which is comprised of classroom-based learning, international medicine internships, and research. It is designed to be flexible to fit your interview schedule and ensure that you get an amazing learning experience. Coursework begins Sept 1.

Curriculum Overview:

​Classroom-Based Learning: 14 Weeks at ihelp’s Main Campus

International Medicine Internships: 2 weeks (in association with INMED)

Residency Audition Rotation 1 & 2: 4 Weeks

Winter Break: 3 weeks

Classroom-Based Learning: 14 weeks at ihelp’s Main Campus

Optional International Trip

End Spring semester April 20th, 2022

Coursework will include high-quality lectures based in small-group and classroom settings to ensure individual attention and improved retention of knowledge. The day will be sandwiched with classes of medical Spanish on either end of the day. Students will be responsible for the morning talks (breakfast and coffee provided), faculty will be responsible for lunch time talks (food provided). The curriculum will include the following longitudinal courses:

Procedures Lab

Ultrasound Lab

Simulation Lab

Medical Spanish

Global Health

Tropical Medicine

Wilderness Medicine

Case Studies



Medical Sub-Specialties

Career Development

Financial Education

Direct career based learning

Interview skills – Directly with residency directors w/ feedback

Certification in BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, ATLS, & AWLS

International Medicine & Public Health Diploma (INMED)

Certification training in EMT-A, Phlebotomy, EKG Tech

MBA in Healthcare Management (WGU)

$9K WGU MBA and Healthcare Management Tuition

$15K iHelp SCM Tuition includes:

  • $5K International Travel
  • $3K Books, Equipment, and Certifications

Total Costs Approx. $24K


​You have already gone through a lot of schooling, and we realize how important financial aid is. Once you graduate medical school, your student loans go into repayment. That is why so many people end up getting a job in a research lab and stagnating when they don’t match.

We don’t want that to happen to you. Instead, we want to offer you a diverse year full of practical medicine, procedure training, global health, medical Spanish, and research. We have joined forces with Western Governor’s University for your MBA and Healthcare Management and INMED for your international medicine. Both institutions are accredited with FAFSA. Thus, you will be able to apply for federal financial aid and keep your current loans from going into repayment.

Furthermore, we believe that financial planning is also important, although under-emphasized elsewhere. We are teaching a longitudinal course on the business of medicine that helps you understand how to become financially secure in your own future practices as well as your individual lives.

In our program, we value research and feel that it provides a well-rounded curriculum for our students. The large amounts of integrated un-structured time give students the flexibility and capacity to do high-quality research.

We will give you the knowledge, tools, and help to be successful in your research endeavors — and mentor you throughout the process. Our goal is for students to publish original research and scholarly activities; however, much of our emphasis is not on laboratory bench research, but rather global health, process improvement, case studies, and human studies.

All students will apply for IRB approved research and carry out a full study that they design. The process is often more important than the results, and you will learn the intricacies of literature review, study design, methodology, survey development, data analysis, and scientific writing.

Research Projects and Scholarly Work:

Prospective Human Study Trial

Case Report

Process Improvement

Letter to the Editor

Literature Review Article

Retrospective Analysis

Opinion Piece

Your success is our success, and we take that seriously. To be successful in your medical career, you need more than stellar academics and proficiency to move forward — you also need to sell yourself.

Our instructors have experience as voice actor coaches, English majors, and writing analysts who will guide you through techniques to make you stand out in the crowd of other applicants.

Through personal mentor-ship, essay writing workshops, career planning sessions, and mock interviews, we will help you show others your achievements and potential. Personal statements and interviews tell the story of who you are, your motivations, aspirations, and strengths. We want you to shine in this arena, and we will help you polish your application and skills to ensure you rock the interviews.

Our Main Campus is nestled in a valley between the Wasatch and Wellsville mountain ranges, just 1.5 hours north of Salt Lake City. It is a perfect location with a great community and small-town feel, but with all the resources you would need from a big city. There is a variety of outdoor activities just a stone’s throw away and a major airport hub nearby. We love it here, and though you will be spending less than half the year at our main campus, we know that the time you spend will feel like home!

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