The Mission

The iHelp Foundation will be traveling to Guatemala to spend a week working in local clinics.

Required for this Mission

  • Certifications
  • Background check
  • Immunizations
  • Passport
  • Contact information
  • Medical Information
  • Release of Liability Form
  • Upload “WhatsApp” app for communications

Fees and Schedule

Estimated Cost: $2,000

This cost includes:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Medical Supplies
  • Scrub Top
  • T-Shirt



TRIP LEAD:                                                    Doug Fullmer

ASSISTANT TRIP LEAD:                             Savannah Daines

PROVIDER:                                                     Bill Betz, DO





NURSE (RN, BSN, LPN):                              Chris Nethercott, RN

NURSE (RN, BSN, LPN):                              Beth Weissman, RN

NURSE (RN, BSN, LPN):                              Lisa Olsen, RN

NURSE (RN, BSN, LPN):                              Mary Jane Axson, RN

NURSE (RN, BSN, LPN):                              Kelsey Kartchner, RN

PARAMEDIC/EMT/MA:                               David Axson, Paramedic

PARAMEDIC/EMT/MA:                               Mantas Sliesoraitis, EMT

PARAMEDIC/EMT/MA:                               Olivia Griffin, MA

PARAMEDIC/EMT/MA:                               Margaret Harrison, MA

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Katie Taylor

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Abby Taylor

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Austin Keeler

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Elise Nethercott

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Breanne Skinner

NON-MEDICAL VOLUNTEER:                   Kenya Skinner

How to Help

We are in Need of the Following:


  • Physicians, Dentists, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners
  • EMT’s and Paramedics
  • Pre-med and Med Students
  • Certified Nurses at all levels
  • Security Volunteers
  • General Volunteers (No specialty needed)